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Free Review PrestaShop portfolio module “Theofilaktos” (Updated) [Latest Version] 

Latest version: 2.0.37 – Date submitted: Feb 21, 2022

General disclaimer:


Welcome to the very first portfolio module for projects powered by PrestaShop. Once installed, the admin will be capable of displaying his/her clientele and/or projects to potential clients.


  1. Many-to-many clients-projects relations
    Sometimes a satisfied client hires us for upcoming projects of his own or trusts us to convert and improve existing ones. More often that not, we use the same module on many clients. In both situations we combine data in order to keep the end user ”hooked” with our content, which improves our SEO ranking.
  2. HOT NEW Many-to-many clients types (filters) relations
    You can assign types to clients so your (potential) clients can see for example only the clients that relate to the agricultural sector.
  3. HOT Many-to-many projects-types relations
    You can assign types to projects so your (potential) clients can see for example only the projects that relate to content management or payment methods for example.
  4. HOT NEW Countdown for projects you have agreed but have not been delivered yet
    For the moment it’s just for demonstration. But in a later version, there is an idea of script execution on expiration. Also if never loaded till expiration we may execute it via cron to be ready on the first call.
  5. HOT IMPROVED Lock mechanism for sensitive content (alcohol, gambling, nude, etc)
    In the previous version, there was just a lock with a message. In the current version, there is a total page lock and just a link pointing to the login screen. This behavior kind of forces the user to log in. Once the user logs in, he gets redirected automatically to the – now available – content.
  6. HOT NEW Ajax driven pagination
    You can load only the X first results and only if the user is interested to load next X items. Speed affects SEO. We try to improve your rankings as much as possible.
  7. Bootstrap compatible
    Every template extend has been implemented based on the Bootstrap classes and guidelines in general.
  8. Responsive grid layout (Bootstrap style)
    We have used all the col-xs—col-xl classes in order to make our module responsive from smartphones to tablets and from laptops to desktop screens.
  9. Admin panel with configuration options
    Not hundreds but enough options to provide a well thought and designed result.
  10. Unlimited clients
    It just needs a type alteration in the database in case you want to add more than tinyint unsigned clients.
  11. Unlimited projects
    It just needs a type alteration in the database in case you want to add more than tinyint unsigned projects.
  12. Unlimited types (filters)
    It just needs a type alteration in the database in case you want to add more than tinyint unsigned filters.
  13. Different thumbnail types (JPG, PNG)
    You can upload (as a thumbnail) either JPG or PNG.
  14. YouTube ready (in content only)
    You can insert YoutTube video in the client or project content in order to make it easier to digest and as a consequence attract more clients.
  15. Supports all modern browsers
    Latest versions of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and Safari are the browsers we have used in order to verify that our module operates as expected.
  16. NEW Compatible with the latest PrestaShop version
    It is compatible with the latest ( at the moment of writing) PrestaShop version and should be ok with all the 1.7.x branches. In the rare case that it’s not with some 1.7.x we give guarantee to make it work.
  17. HOT SEO Friendly URLs
    We have a link:
    We have another link:
    We hope you do understand which one is more user-friendly and better to use in order to climb the SEO-wall.
  18. HOT NEW Fully multilingual URLs
    We try to be a revolutionary agency providing extra-ordinary software. To prove it, we have overridden part of the core software in order to provide hreflang alternatives for each language and boost your SEO even more.
  19. HOT NEW Canonical urls
    Canonical is one – among a dozen if not more – SEO factors that should not be ignored. It lets the search engines know if this page is genuine and if not which is the “inspiration”. It addresses SEO degradation problems due to duplication. You may be able to reach some pages in many ways. Normally, the search engine checks these many “versions” and see a great similarity. So if you don’t dictate “hey this is the – kind of – parent page” some of your pages will be probably degraded or penalized.
  20. Translations included: Greek, English
    Greek: Ως Έλληνες θεωρούμε χρέος μας να παρέχουμε το υλικό προς τους πελάτες μας μεταφρασμένο ώστε να διαδίδεται αυτή η – δύσκολη μεν, αλλά ιδιόμορφη και πλούσια δε – γλώσσα μας.
    English: Our content has been built using English because we do respect the international language and besides that, we aim to target as many countries as possible.
  21. Theme & modules agnostic
    You have NO FEAR. Either it’s the default theme, or some bought one (Megashop, Warehouse, etc) our module works like a smooth cream. In rare cases it does not, we provide support (for free) to make it work.
    There is no anxiety like in competitors if it works with X translation module because the translation as you already know lies in the core .
    Disclaimer: We do not know its behavior with page builders. We do not like them because they increase the page speed dramatically. Normally there should not be any incompatibility. However, we are always by your side to assist in any frustrating condition may arise which does not let you enjoy the user experience our software provides.
  22. HOT NEW Real, filter-based pagination
    We have tested dozens of portfolios. Most of them load ALL their projects and display a fraction, which is not a good practice in our honest opinion.
    First of all, for speed, which affects SEO.
    Then, it may result in poor user experience. If we have one page with X items but only Y with type Z and then we have a second page (X items in total as well) all of them assigned to Z. Some of them when you click on Z, they will display only Y items (which is inaccurate, because X is the correct answer).
    Rest assured! Our module addresses A TON of issues.
  23. Developer friendly
    You can override the module templates using the same positions in the theme directory.
  24. Card or not
    We got rid of this ugly box that surrounds everything and does not let us improve the design.
    You can get rid of it also in other pages with the help of our modification and use it only when needed.
  25. HOT NEW Featured status
    You can set featured clients or projects. This way you can present all your projects and in a separate page the ones you are proud of.
    Same with clients. Every client has different financial “background” so you can present the rich ones separately to attract more people.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

#1. Why do you have the so-called “quick access buttons” when there is no sticky header?
Well, there are a ton of ideas. We have put some priorities. Sticky header is in our to-do list. So for the moment it has no actual use. It’s more or less a teaser like “on the next episode” trailers.

#2. Is the module flexible?
We love honesty. So, it depends. We don’t like the mentality in competitive software where flexibility is at maximum level. Flexibility is a good thing, but counter measures should be taken in advance. If no caching system has been implemented, the page loading time can be severely damaged (which you do not want).
There is neither shortcode nor page builder. The reason behind this decision is that without caching we have to reduce the code layers as much as possible to gain speed.
In addition, we kept just a dozen of settings, because most of the times the users use just a fraction of what we have produced. More settings will come when we have caching (and the conditions will not be fetched).

#3. What about X or Y feature you have missed?
Actually we have not missed (most of) them. We have made lots of preparation behind the scenes. We just need your feedback on what you need more. Just (a tiny) part of what more can be implemented on the next episode>

  • Autopost to social media
  • Ajax driven contact form (with some reference)
  • Different image sizes for proper responsive adaptation (like in product).
  • Github like versioning system
  • Extra hooks in the product page or elsewhere
  • Import/Export
  • Lazy loding
  • Lock mechanism based on user groups (like core feature in products)
  • Relations with products
  • Sticky header
  • Sub module for index page (or other kind of page such as blog etc)
  • A/B testing
  • Additional image on hover
  • Video thumbnail
  • Sort by dropdown (such as like, comments, update date, etc)
  • Layout change button (even in front end)
  • Different style of animations
  • Show/Hide elements (title, link, etc)
  • Share to social media buttons
  • Github contribution chart integration
  • Caching
  • Pinterest API fetch
  • Dribble API fetc
  • Behance API fetch
  • Tags (like in product lists)
  • Quick view (like in product lists)
  • Layout configuration (style, gaps, columns per device etc)
  • PDF for offline use
  • QR code (for easier access)
  • Progress bar (like in many blogs)
  • Bee style template
  • Boxed layout or full width
  • Comments
  • Ratings
  • XML feed to be consumed by other applications
  • Sitemap
  • Next/Previous buttons
  • W3C validation
  • Thumbnail/content ratio (in list)
  • User profile (this will probably be released as separate module because it can be related also to blog or forum modules)

We had to put an end to the list ! So it’s up to you what’s coming next. The most wanted item (even if not listed here) will be served first. Plain supply and demand rules.

#4. Is this a plug-n-play module?
No, it’s not. You need to alter your template to add some wrapping blocks and register a few exra hooks. We could automate it but we believe that you may lose modifications you have implemenented in your e-shop. So – especially when it’s one time job – we prefer to “play” safe.

Useful for

  • Digital agencies (websites, designs, modules etc showcase)
  • Freelancers designers and developers
  • Product manufacturers (product species and/or application to customers)
  • Travel agencies (travel packs showcase)
  • Service of any kind (djs, teachers, private security officers etc)

It’s simply a module that speaks to your clientele without you saying a single word (over the phone for example).

It has been produced out of a lot of thought, written A4 pages and has a bunch of options to make it fit your needs. We will try to make it one of the best module in its field in the market.

It will never be perfect (as we don’t believe in perfection). We give our word though that each version will provide more value than the previous one and that we will fix any erro may occur due to our code manipulation.

Theme authors

You can include this module in your theme to add portfolio functionality, more value in general and give it an extra boost in sales as a consequence.

To do so, an extended license is required per 100 sales. If you read this in a marketplace where there is no extended license, the only one is the basic. In this case, a license per 10 sales is required.

Moreover, a written consent (with valid date) is required to verify your genuine intentions. Contact us for more details.


You can ask for customization of any kind for an extra fee (which will be defined when we know details about your request).
In case your idea has a lot of demand, we may give it to you for free. This action lies in our discretion, unfortunately.


  • Countdown: Hilios (click here)
  • Icons font: Font Awesome (click here)
  • Image manipulations: Gumlet (click here)


Available: 00.30 – 03.00 Monday – Sunday (Greek time)

Due to the Covid crisis, I had to apply some drastic changes in my daily routine. As a result, I work full-time delivering tasty food to starving people When I am off, coding consumes mostly the rest of my time. I kindly request for your understanding because I am trying to save up money in order to relocate to the Netherlands and study in TU Delft.

Official profile on PrestaShop forums community
Official profile on Twitter

Our top mission is the finest quality. No matter how hard we may work, issues occur from time to time. We work together with our clientele in order to address the problems as fast (and mostly accurately) as possible.

You are not our clientele total. We do thank and respect you because of supporting us. However, equity is one moral value we try hard to preserve. So we ask for your understanding, as other clients may have contacted us before your own case or it may be more serious than yours (serious issues are being handled with top priority).


In case you feel satisfied with our module, leave us a 5star rating.

On the contrary, before rating us negatively, contact us and we will try hard to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

Change log

Version 2.0.37 - Feb 21, 2022
Id: 0001
Description: We hide the reset button in case there is no active filter
Id: 0002
Description: Added custom color for each client/project with #333333 being the default one
Id: 0001
Description: Fixed nofilter parameter on html inputs. Actually we always had it on, we just removed it to pass the control.
Id: 0002
Description: Fixed load more appearance even when there were no more projects in main page (projects list).
Version 2.0.36 - Feb 18, 2022
[FEATURE]: Versions for a project
[FEATURE]: Compatibility with 1.7.x series
Version 2.0.0 - 09th March 2020
Version 1.0.2 - 08 Apr 2017
[BUG FIX]: Image url fix
Version 1.0.1 - 08 Apr 2017
[BUG FIX]: Friendly url 404 error during language change
[FEATURE]: Last name, First name & Website are not required anymore
Version 1.0.0 - 14 Feb 2017
Initial release


Kindly Note: We update new contents like WordPress Themes, Plugins, PHP Scripts everyday. But remember that you should never use this items in a commercial website. All the contents posted here for development & testing purpose only. We’re not responsible for any damage, use at your own RISK! We highly recommend to buy PrestaShop portfolio module “Theofilaktos” from the Original Developer (tivuno) website. Thank you.

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