Shortcodes API for Drupal 8

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Free Review Shortcodes API for Drupal 8 (Updated) [Latest Version] 

The Shortcodes API for Drupal 8 is a simple set of methods for creating Drupal 8 shortcodes for use in text fields, modules and themes.

The API enables developers to create special kinds of content that users can attach to certain content by adding the corresponding shortcode into the text fields or processing it in a theme’s or a module’s methods.

The API handles all the tricky parsing, eliminating the need for writing a custom regular expression for each shortcode.

Helper functions are included for setting and fetching default attributes. The API supports both self-closing and enclosing shortcodes.


  • NEW from v1.1: User interface for inserting shortcodes into CKEditor!
  • Create shortcodes programmatically following Drupal 8 coding best practices
  • Create simple shortcodes in admin panel (no programming skills needed)
  • Display shortcodes in content, blocks, theme files and modules
  • Enable or disable shortcodes by every text formats separately or globally for all text formats
  • Create a shortcode’s custom options and attributes
  • Process nested shortcodes
  • Choose between enclosing vs self-closing shortcodes
  • Create shortcodes that will execute PHP code (PHP Filter module is required for this feature)

You can create shortcodes in two ways:

Through admin panel (no programming skills needed)
This way provides creating simple shortcodes with limited set of functionality. If you need more advanced usage you need to code custom shortcodes.

Programmatically (using API directly in your code)
This way provides full functionality for creating shortcodes.

The shortcodes can be displayed in different ways:

  • in text fields (in content, blocks, custom nodes…)
  • in theme files
  • in custom modules


Shortcodes API 8.x-1.1, 14-Oct-2016
- Fixed issue with 'Select all' checkbox missing in shortcodes tableselect.
- Created shortcodes.api.php file.
- Implement hook_help.
- Created method for building enabled shortcodes by text format.
- Method getModules renamed to getProviders in service class.
- Updated readme file.
- Created submodule Shortcodes Embed for inserting shortcodes into CKEditor using button and popup dialog.
- Submodule Shortcodes Example updated to support shortcodes embed dialog.

Shortcodes API 8.x-1.0, 01-Aug-2016
- Initial release.


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