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Free Review Web-cart – Multi Vendor eCommerce Marketplace (Updated) [Latest Version] 

Webcart Multi-vendor eCommerce Marketplace” module helps you to create any marketplace and allow vendors / store owners to sell or supply products from your site. It helps to set up your own marketplace fast, easy and reliable.

By this module, the marketplace owner receives commissions on products they sell from vendor Products. Marketplace owners can set up the multi-vendor system to his site so that other store owners can sell their product from his site.

Only the super admin has the ability to approve the vendor from the dashboard. Admin can set the commission rate or percentage with other information for a specific vendor. He can also disable all market temporary. By this System, admin can monitor all vendor sales performance.

Each vendor (store owner) has an individual Admin panel. The vendor can add standard or virtual products items with much other information. He can check all the orders. The vendor can withdraw any amount from his total sales and the percentage will automatically add to the marketplace owner after he approves. It has a powerful reporting system with the order, product sell and withdraws the report. The vendor can set store info, social links, store page content. The vendor owner can edit and update his profile from here.

1: PayPal
2 : Stripe
3 : Razorpay
4 : Paytm,
5: Instamojo
6: PayUmoney/PayUbiz
7: Paystack
8: Pesapal
9: Bank Transfer
10: Cash on Delivery (COD)
11. Paygate


  • 23 December 2021 (v4.4)

    -Add SMSBITS Service.
    -Update theme3 & theme4 design issue.
  • 09 Sept 2021 (V4.3)

    -Cart minor issue is fixed.
    -Design issue is fixed
  • 09 August 2021 (V4.2)

    -Resolve Theme6 All  functionalities issues.
    -Upgrade Delhivery Api Service .
    -Add Option For shipping Cost as Single Vendor & Multi Vendor.
    -Reslove Minor issues theme5.
    -Update Invoices & Emails Configurations.
  • 07 July 2021 (V4.1)

    -Include Theme6.
    -Update Delhivery api.
    -Add Total Earning Option on dashboard.
    -Add option vendor for pickup loction wharehouse Delhivery api.
    -Alert Message Focused.
    -Add New user registration mail to admin
    -Add option for package slip delhivery api.
    -Update Front order page .
    -Fix bugs and issue themes desgin and functionalities.
  • 22 May 2021 (V4.0)

    -Update Mail  Desgin
    -Order Placed Mail also for Vendor
    -Order Packaged Mail update shipment.
    -Vendor payment filter issue fix
    -Vendor wise report sales
    -Add Extra Column in vendor orders for admin profit.
    -Desgin Issues Fix.
  • 03 May 2021 (v3.9)

    -Remove laravel Filemanger Issue.
    -Reslove all other minnor issues.
  • 01 March 2021 (v3.8)

    -Include Theme5.
    -Add Blog Option in settings.
  • V-3.7 ( 19 December 2020 )

    - Updated in php7.4
    - Include Theme3 and theme4 
    - Bulk Data Import Functionality
    - Pay gate payment gateway 
    - In Overview section first time pin code asking functionality and  add cart functionality in front
    - View Orders according to Specfic Date Time range for vendor and admin
    - Email and Phone verification  functionality with sms and email in User Verification option admin panel
    - Order Refund & Return Request Functionality
    - Front Footer text and background Customize css option
    - Option for enable and display specific items in header navigation and category 
    - New Input Field PEID For Points Sms in sms setting
    - Orders Sms and email both send to Customer
    - Order Pickrr new functionality in delivery section for order Tracking
    - Add Option For permission to vendor active and deactivate products 
    - Some Minor Bugs and Issues Solved
  • v3.6 ( 09 October 2020)

    -Minor Bug fixes
    - Issue resolved regarding settings keys and values in sql file.
    - Added descriptive message in test email method to debug email issue.
  • v3.5 ( 05 October 2020 )

    -Added Paygate Payment Gateway
    -Added Full Width Functionality for Home Page
    -Fixed Paytm Production Error
    -Added Enable & Disable Option for front page product varient dropdown
    -Added Enable & Disable Option for front page product price
    -Added Enable & Disable Option for front page product quantity box
    -Added Enable & Disable Option for front page product add cart button
    -Added Enable & Disable Option for front page first visit pincode popup
    -Added Enable & Disable Option for to display category in header navbar
    -Added Enable & Disable Option for to display category in sidebar
    -Added Date range export excel data in Order Table
    -Added various options for User Account Verification
    -Changes in Google Tranaslator CSS
    -Made Cart Table responsive
    -Added option to customize footer background color and text color
    -Add Responsive CSS For  Theme 1 and Theme 2
    -Add SMS and Email functionality For new order
  • Ver 3.4 (05 Sept 2020)

    -Pay-TM Payment gateway issue fixed
    -Currency minor issue fixed.
  • Ver 3.3(11 May 2020)

    -Adde Referral System functionality
    -Slider ui issue is now resolved
    -Some Minor Bugs and Issues Solved
  • 16 April 2020 (v3.2)

    - New ui Features Included To Increase User Experience
    - Some Minor Bugs and Issues Solved
  • 18 March 2020 (v3.1)

    - New ui Features Included To Increase User Experience
    - Some Minor Bugs and Issues Solved
  • 12 March 2020 (v3.0)

    - Added Theme Switcher Functionality
    - Fully New ui Features Included To Increase User Experience
    - Some Minor Bugs and Issues Solved
  • Ver 2.9 (29 Feburary 2020)

    -Vendor Profile Role Issues solved
  • Ver 2.8 (27 Feburary 2020)

    -Role assign Issue solved
  • Ver 2.7 (20 Feburary 2020)

    -Added Admin Panel Css Customizations Functionality
    -Added Store Panel Header and Footer Width Customizations Functionality
    -Added Wishlist Button On The Home Screen
    -Minor Issues Fixed
  • Ver 2.6 (18 Feburary 2020)

    -Added More Store Panel Css Customizations Functionality
    -Fixed Permission and Roles Issue For vendor, user and amdin
    -Fixed Issue of sales and reposrt page for vendor profile
    -Fixed Issue of order and products page for vendor and admin profile
    -Fixed Issue of manage profile in vendor panel
    -Added Acceptance of terms and conditions feature on vendor registration
  • Ver 2.5 (14 Feburary 2020)

    -Paystack Payment Mode issue Solved
  • Ver 2.4 (11 Feburary 2020)

    -Added Compare with related items Functionality
  • Ver 2.3 (05 Feburary 2020)

    -Added Import Demo Data functionality
  • Ver 2.2 (04 Feburary 2020)

    -Added Promote Customers To Vendor functionality
  • Ver 2.1 (03 Feburary 2020)

    -Added Delete Customers functionality
    -Added Copyright text settings
  • Ver 2.0 (28 January 2020)

    -Minor Bug Fixed
  • Ver 1.9 (21 January 2020)

    -Added Delhivery Delivery Service For Order Tracking
    -Solved the Pagination Issues
    -Design Improvements
  • Ver 1.8 (17 January 2020)

    -Added phone number verification feature
    -Added Infigo Point SMS carrier
    -Design Improvements
  • Ver 1.7 (15 January 2020)

    -Added Pagination Count
    -Solved the issue of Number of items in Page
    -Solved the issue of Number of Loading Images
    -Added multi-language translation selector setting
    -Added setting to enable/disable vendor signup
    -Added Google Translator
  • Ver 1.6 (02 January 2020)

    -Major UI Improvements
  • 30 December 2019 (v1.5)

    -Added Pesapal Payment Gateway 
    -Added Twilio SMS Service
    -Added Ebulk SMS Service
    -Added Check Order Delivery Location System
    -Added Wallet System For Orders
    -Added Cashback System When Order Successfully Delivered
    -Advance Searching System
    -Major UI Improvements
  • Ver 1.4 (09 December 2019)

    -Added Paytm Payment Gateway
    -Added Paystack Payment Gateway
    -Major Improvements
    -Documentation Updated
  • Ver 1.3 (03 December 2019)

    -Improved Login and Signup Page Design
  • Ver 1.2 (29 November 2019)

    -Added Settings for Newsletter Form
    -Improved Vendor Page Design
    -Added Theme Colors Settings
    -Added Vendor Payment Requests Menu
  • Ver 1.1 (18 November 2019)

    -Added Vendor Requests for Payout
    -Set Minimum Amount required for Vendor Payout
  • Ver 1.0 (24 October 2019)

    -Added Bank Transfer Payment Method
    -Added Settings to Enable / Disable COD
  • Ver 0.9 (24 October 2019)

    -Added Privacy Policy & Terms of Service Settings
    -Updated Footer Design
    -Added Textlocal SMS provider
  • Ver 0.8 (14 June 2019)

    -Added Product Variantss
  • Ver 0.7 (01 June 2019)

    -Added Translation Support

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