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Free Review Worketic – Marketplace for Freelancers (Updated) [Latest Version] 

Release 2.9 (27 February 2021)

-- Bug fixes

Release 2.8 (15 February 2021)

Note: Minimum PHP version now required is 7.3

1- Laravel framework updated to 8.0
2- Emails Fixes (on payment email was going to employer instead of admin) and (Rating variable issue on completing project)
3- Issues in services section has been fixed (Freelancer purchase issue).
4- Featured services issue on homepage has been fixed.
5- Featured services on update" issue has been fixed. 
6- Now user can see previous messages in chat popup also.  
7- Conversation module added(Admin can now see the conversations between users).
8- Credit system issues have been fixed.
9- Bugs fixes and improvements

Release 2.7 (19 November 2020)

-- Freelancer current balance update issue has been fixed.
-- "Search by Geo Location" feature has been added on job searching page .
-- Payout system issues has been fixed.   
-- CSS fixes. 
-- Bugs Fixes and Improvements

Release 2.6 (1 September 2020)

-- Page builder sidebar issue fixed.
-- Maximum limit for price range filter issue has been fixed.
-- French language blank pages issue has been fixed.
-- Tinymce editor issue has been fixed.
-- Homepage v4 styling issues has been fixed.
-- Image uploading issues in page builder slider section has been fixed.
-- Multiple same name image uploading issue has been fixed.
-- Banner issue on job detail and service detail page has been fixed.
-- Currency symbol issue in hourly rate filter on search page has been fixed.
-- Minor bugs fixes and optimizations.

Release 2.5 (22 July 2020)

-- Import Update issue has been fixed
-- Google map module has been updated
-- RTL Bugs fixes.
-- Enable/Disable loader settings has been added.
-- Page builder image uploading and image delete issues has been fixed.
-- Admin can now set maximum limit for Price range filter
-- Admin can now hide Freelancer earnings from his dashboard.
-- Currency symbol issue on invoice page has been fixed.
-- Email Verification has been added in account settings.
-- Freelancer and Employer can now verify their email after login.
-- Admin can now verify users from his dashboard.
-- Admin can now choose verification type from settings.
-- New Single step registration form added.
-- Admin can now choose registration form type (single or multiple page) from settings.
-- Minor bugs fixes.

Release 2.4 (18 June 2020)

-- Skeleton Loader has been added in page loading.
-- Blank edit page issue has been fixed.
-- Update page issue has been fixed.
-- Custom links has been added in menu settings.
-- Select custom link as parent menu in page builder option added.
-- Admin order page issue has been fixed.
-- RTL issue has been fixed.
-- Gradient Style option added in Banner V1 section of page builder.
-- Email preview added
-- Loader issue in job completed case issue has been fixed
-- Users listing issue in message center issue has been fixed
-- Bugs Fixes in page orders setting.

Release 2.3 (1 June 2020)

Please backup your files and database before update, as this update includes page builder for pages.

-- Calendar translation has been applied.
-- Price based Filter added in jobs searching. 
-- Price based Filter added in services searching. 
-- In stripe form name, email, phone and address fields has been added. 
-- Private Chat and Banner issue has been fixed in Packages 
-- Page Builder Design and UI Updated ( Real Time Preview ).
-- 9 New Sections Added in page builder named below: 
    1-New slider styles 
    2-Banner V1 
    3-Category V2
    4-Category V3
    5-Freelancer V2
    6-Package Section
    7-Jobs Section
    8- New app section style     
    9-Heading Section
-- Select Headers and Footers option added in page builder
-- Header styling section (page logo, menu colors setting) added in page builder.
-- New headers styles added 
-- New footer styles added 
-- Header Styles option added in general settings.
-- Footer Styles option added in footer setting.
-- Header styles and header styling option added in inner-page settings.
-- Add headers option in inner page settings.
-- Add header styling in inner page settings.
-- Add Page to navbar menu option added in inner page settings.
-- Two New homepages added.
-- Image field added in packages 
-- Page builder Images upload issue has been fixed.
-- Page builder Add Page to Navbar Menu issue has been fixed
-- Some UI Improvements.
-- All currencies added in payment settings
-- Menu management settings added.
-- Page Order functionality added.

Release 2.2 (25 February 2020)

-- Service listing in freelancer dashboard has been fixed
-- Payout issues has been fixed
-- Ongoing projects listing has been fixed in freelancer dashboard

Release 2.1 (25 January 2020)

-- Freelancer dashboard issue has been fixed
-- Latitude and longitude validation have been added
-- Job expiry field added in posted and edit job form. Now after job expire it will not display in job listing
-- Completed project show/hide option added in admin dashboard settings. If admin disable completed projects from settings then once the project is completed it will not show in search results.
-- Offline bank payment system module has been added
-- Drag and Drop Page Builder module has been added
-- You can now set home page from admin setting dashboard from page list  

Release 2.0

-- Service delete issue has been fixed
-- In freelancer profile settings videos gallery section have been added
-- Current Balance and Past Earning functionally has been improved in freelancer dashboard
-- Update service status issue has been fixed.
-- Wrong Payout amount in admin dashboard has been fixed
-- Application speed has optimized, now application is much faster then before

Release 1.9

-- Employer profile image has been fixed in listing page
-- Freelancer Upload profile image issue has been fixed
-- Freelancer projects and awards uploading issue has been fixed
-- Service reviews issue has been fixed in freelancer profile detail
-- Reviews issue has been fixed in service detail page
-- Payouts PDF download issue has been fixed
-- Duplicate payouts issue has been fixed
-- Payouts pagination issue has been improved

Release 1.8

-- Freelancer and Employer dashboard page errors have been fixed
-- Arabic language added
-- Location select parent in edit page issue has been fixed
-- Location default image fixed
-- Services Currency issue has been fixed at home page
-- Service history issue in admin dashboard has been fixed  
-- Service ongoing, completed and cancelled detail page error has been fixed

Release 1.7

-- App description issue has been fixed 
-- Freelancer profile page error has been fixed
-- Footer search menu title has been fixed.
-- Service section in homepage, styling issue has been fixed
-- PayPal issue AppJob not found issue has been fixed
-- PayPal credentials are missing issue has been fixed

Release 1.6

-- Demo import issue has been fixed
-- Gif logo upload issue has been fixed
-- ICO favicon image upload  issue has been fixed
-- Registration settings have been updated
-- Application view has been made extendable
-- Settings to enable or disable breadcrumbs from admin have been added
-- Enable or Disable packages settings have been added  
-- Enable free or paid version settings have been added  
-- Enable employer free or paid version settings have been added  
-- Primary color setting issue has been fixed
-- Email logo setting issue has been fixed
-- Services broken link issue has been fixed  
-- Real-time chat settings have been added 
-- PayPal settings have been updated
-- Disabling account issue has been fixed
-- Translation issues have been fixed
-- Payout system has been updated
-- Option for Bank transfer payout settings have been added 
-- Documentation updated and improved

Release 1.5

-- Email Setting updated
-- Admin account settings issue have been fixed
-- Send offer issue have been fixed
-- Dispute process updated
-- Admin all jobs searching added
-- Videos HTTP protocol issue have been fixed
-- Email templates search filters added 
-- Search pages banner settings added
-- Search pages meta tags option added
-- Favicon image upload added 
-- Import update option added
-- Micro Services New Feature Included
-- Urdu added in language pack
-- RTL Support have been added
-- Enable or Disable micro services and job module option have been added
-- Social share fixed
-- Custom css file include for customization stylin

Release 1.4

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